It is a New Start for Me

I had never lived on my own before. When I was a kid, I lived with my parents. I then went to school, where I lived in a dorm with three others. After graduating, I moved back in with my parents, where I had lived until I married my college sweetheart. We moved into a nice home together after we were married, but now we are getting a divorce. I don’t want to stay in the house, so I started looking at 1 bedroom apartments in Raleigh NC a few weeks ago.

I never really felt like the house was my own, and it was too big for me to handle on my own anyway. I just wanted a nice quiet apartment with one bedroom, which is the perfect size for me. Our house was nearly an hour from Raleigh, which is why I wanted to move there. I did not want to run into my ex if at all possible, and I figured by moving an hour away, that would be unlikely. Read More


Zero Tolerance against Football Violence

The incident that occurred during the match between Manchester United and Roma the night of April 4th is not the first in European football history but it can not be just one more to be added to the list of football troubles.

The violence on the fields is rising up and the UEFA is expected to take a tough line following the violent scenes presented in the Olympic Stadium. The main problem is that even when the UEFA is currently gathering evidence and will be studying the official reports of the referee to further action, the UEFA is just a football authority not an order authority to punish the guilty.

Incidents as the one in Roma are happening all around the world, actually only 24 hours after the disturbs In the Olympic Stadium; Spanish police had to intervene using batons to disperse a group of Tottenham Hotspur fans before UEFA Cup quarter-final first leg against Seville in Spain.
The mistakes are numerous, fans are not being search at the time they enter the stadium, security at the doors is not aware of the fact that fans can bring bottles and things to throw. Actually, the behavior of the police inside the stadium is not to prevent violence, they are even fuelling it and making everything worse.

Viewers at home saw pictures showed fans repeatedly beaten by the police, they were witness of what is expected to be a recreational show and sadly became a big fight between fans and police and all against fair play sport’s values.

However, The Union of European Football Associations can not resolve the problem outside the stadium; they can not even punish the fans. We all have to go to the bottom of the problem, the aggression of the Italian police and the conduct of English fans won’t be modify by playing behind close doors or making the teams pay big amounts of money. The zero tolerance starts on us and the way we all see the football as fans, the law comes to scene to punish but not to prevent.


Get Your Football Tickets Somehow, Someway

As a fan of a very popular and successful professional football team, I know it can be difficult to get tickets, but what if you want to buy Detroit Lions’ tickets? In recent history, the Detroit Lions have not been overly successful, but does that make the tickets any cheaper or easier to obtain? I suppose it depends on who sets ticket prices and how often they sell out their stadium, no matter what their record is. The more I look into it, the more I realize that the best prices on about anything can be found online, and Detroit Lions’ tickets, or any NFL tickets for that matter, are no exception. All you need to do then, is understand the step by step process of buying Detroit Lions’ tickets online to get the best price possible.

The first couple of steps may seem obvious, but it is important that you are prepared when to make your Detroit Lions ticket purchase. First of all, you will need to figure out which game you want to attend. Is there a particular opponent you want to see? If not, you can just check all games and see where there is availability. Many games for a number of NFL teams are sold out before the season even begins, due to the enormous popularity of pro football. However, just in case, go online to the Detroit Lions’ official website and check to see if there are tickets available for the game you want to see. If so, you are in luck, the team will be selling the tickets at face value, which is really as low as you can expect to get them for unless you are buying an enormous quantity of Detroit Lions’ tickets.

If you are planning a season or more ahead to buy your Detroit Lions’ tickets, you may want to join the team’s waitlist of fan club. You will then, likely get access tickets on a preferential basis. In addition, you will likely have a great shot at playoff tickets if that is something that becomes an issue during the season. Because no matter which game you want to go to, Detroit Lions’ tickets for the playoffs sure would make for a good time.

Another option is to buy your Detroit Lions’ tickets from a ticket broker. Brokering is illegal in some states, but rarely prosecuted. If you are concerned, however, just check with your local and state laws to make sure everything you do is on the up and up. A broker will buy up tickets to sold- out events and resell them for a profit. Your Detroit Lions’ tickets won’t be cheap going this route, but you are likely to get tickets to whatever event you would like to go to. If you want to bottom feed a little bit more, there are always ticket scalpers around on game day. They basically do what brokers do, only without the office. If you are the type who likes to wheel a deal and doesn’t mind gambling a bit, you can certainly do all of those things if you get your Detroit Lions’ tickets from a ticket scalper.

Tickets for any NFL team, yes even the Detroit Lions, are difficult to get sometimes. However, if you plan out which game you want to see, getting the Detroit Lions’ tickets you want is not difficult. You may have to spend some money, but if you get to see the game you want, isn’t it worth it?